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Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Price List

Hair Extensions used are Luxury Double drawn Remy Human Hair with a life span of 10 months plus with correct aftercare and maintenance. All Prices include Consultation, Hair, Fitting, cut prior to fitting, Blending and Styling on completion of fitting.

A Consultation is required prior to fitting and a non refundable deposit of £50 is required on consultation to secure fitting appointment.

Micro Wefts

14 inch - Luxury Double Drawn

100g                            £225.00

150g                            £285.00

200g                            £340.00

Micro Rings / Hot Fusion

16 inch - Luxury Double Drawn

100g                   £239.00

140g                   £305.00

200g                   £390.00

18-20 inch - Natural Ratio

120g - Single Colour       £259.00

120g - Mixed Colour        £269.00

180g - Single Colour       £306.00

180g - Mixed Colour       £316.00

18-20 inch - Luxury Double Drawn 

100g                   £275.00

140g                   £350.00

200g                   £425.00

18-20 inch - Luxury Double Drawn

100g - Single colour £290.00

100g - Ombre/Mixed £295.00

150g - Single Colour £355.00

150g - Ombre/Mixed £360.00

200g - Single Colour £425.00

200g - Ombre/Mixed £430.00

250g - Single Colour £475.00

250g - Ombre/Mixed £480.00

20-22inch - Luxury Double Drawn

100g £310.00

140g £384.00

200g £450.00

Maintenance *from

Micro Weft 4-6 weeks £40.00

Micro Rings £85.00

Removals *from

Micro Weft £10.00

Micro Rings/Hot Fusion £40.00

(Extra if matted)

Hair Extension After Care


The first thing that you may notice is that immediately after the installation of the extensions, and for the next day or two your scalp may feel tender. This is normal and will go away by the third day at the most. Rest assured that this is not a sign of a problem but just because of the added weight of the hair extensions.

After you have had extensions put in do not wash your hair for at least 2-3 days. This allows the bonds to fully harden. The longer you wait, the better it is for the longevity of the bonds (This part is for Hot Fusion Bonding).

Tie your hair back in a loose ponytail or plait using a soft scrunchie for bed.

It is not advised to wear your extensions for longer than 3 months. In the 3 months of wearing your extensions your hair will have grown by approx 1.5 inches, the roots of your hair often start to tangle together if you have not separated the bonds correctly and therefore it is not healthy for the hair if left.


Maintenance is advised every 6-8 weeks. The exact amount of time will depend on how the extensions have been cared for and your own hair growth. The maintenance will consist of moving all strands back up to the root, putting back in your lost strands, replacing any micro rings where necessary and general tidying up of all bonds.


Remember your extensions are attached to your own natural hair, pulling too hard or mistreating your extensions can result in your own hair being pulled out.

The only brush you should use near to your extension bonds is an extension brush ? this brush has soft bristles and a cushioned bristle base, meaning the brush gently glides over the bonds.

When brushing the extensions always hold the bonds, making sure no additional stress is put on the hair.


Your extension hair should only be washed between 2-3 times per week (maximum) top washes are advised for clients who wish to wash their hair more often.

Before washing it is advised to detangle your extension hair with a wide tooth comb and separate the bonds.

It is essential you only use shampoo and conditioner that is designed for hair extension use (sulphate free).

When washing your hair, do not tip your head over the bath as this could cause tangling - always wash with your head upright ? in the shower is ideal.

Smooth the shampoo down the extension hair ? do not rub vigorously!

Only condition from the mid lengths to the end of the hair. Do not apply any conditioner to the bonds as this will cause slippage. You can pick the top section of your own hair up and apply condition to this section.

Pat hair gently when washed ? do not rub.


Before detangling I advise you to use a leave in conditioning spray/oil. Follow by detangling with a wide tooth comb, making sure you avoid the bonds. Make sure all bonds are dried completely.

Be very careful when brushing the hair when wet, make sure you support the extensions hair by holding the bonds.

For a sleek finish, section your hair off and blow dry using a round brush with soft bristles. Be very careful that you do not snag the bonds.

Finish by using a good quality straightening iron.

Heat Rollers, Straightening Irons, crimpers and tongs can all be used on the extension hair although it is advisable to use a Heat Protection Spray to protect the both your hair and the extension hair.

Serums, gels, hairsprays, etc may all be used but avoid the bonded areas as this may cause slippage.


All hair I use is 100% Human Hair and can be coloured. Please consult a professional if you want to colour the hair, especially to lighten the hair. We recommend a strand test at all times before colouring the hair. Do not get any dyes or bleaches on the bonded areas. Any colouring of the extensions is done so at your own risk.

All of the hair can be permed, but once again we recommend that a professional carries out the perming and make sure a strand test is completed first. Any perming of the extensions are done so at your own risk.

You may get your roots touched up after your hair starts to grow out without any problems, once again avoid the bonds.


If you use a sun bed it is advisable to wrap the hair in a towel first. Sun beds can dry out the hair and melt the bonds.

If you work out regularly or have regular use of a sauna or steam room make sure the bonds are completely dried as soon as possible after your session - leaving the bonds in a constant damp environment could cause them to weaken.

You may swim as usual but remember that prolonged water exposure may weaken the bonds. Wash your hair as quickly as possible after swimming.

You may wear your extensions abroad but be aware that a combination of the sun, chlorine in the swimming pool and salt in the sea water may make them a little dryer then normal. They will return back to their normal condition once you return home. Try to wear a hat when the sun is beaming down on your head ? this protects the bonds.

Summary Do's and Don'ts

Do - Brush your hair on a regular basis to prevent matting

Do - Ensure you thoroughly wash all traces of shampoo and conditioner after washing your hair

Do - Use a good hair extension brush

Do - Be extremely gentle with your hair extensions at all times

Do - Keep extensions tied up during swimming (both pool and sea) , if you do get your hair wet you must ensure you rinse out any chlorine or sea water as soon as possible as they can cause your extensions to dry out, in the same way they dry out your own natural hair

Do - Tie your extensions back at night, prefferbly a loose plait or pony tails to minimise any tangles in the morning

Dont - tie your hair back to tightly, this can pull on the bonds causing them to weaken

Dont - put conditioner onto the roots of your hair

Dont - use any of the following:- TRESEMME, ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOOS, HEAD AND SHOULDERS, VOSEINE, HOT OILS or HEAD LICE TREATMENTS, these are extremely harsh and can cause damage to the bonds of your extensions causing them to loosen.